Princess McDowell “Cover Letter”

I get mistaken for a sir when I’m at work
when I’m in relationships
from the outside
I am the masculine one
my clothes definitely portray that
despite those things
I am still
and will always be
a woman
with my poetry
I try to highlight that simple fact because
people tend to forget
it’s easy to get caught up in appearances
and people often do
i’ve written about my life, my loves
my highs and lows
my body
my experiences
experiences that people don’t suspect that I’ve had
but I have
there is no box that I fit in because
women are not geometrical
we are universal
my poetry welcomes the reader and listener into my universe
the poems are microcosms of myself
I am still writing microcosms
but they all have one theme:
I am a woman. I just happen to love women.
I am a woman. I just happen to dress in a way that society deems male.
I am a woman. It’s a constant that will not change.

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