Princess McDowell

If you ask her what’s she’s done with poetry in the last few years, Princess won’t name much.

PrincessShe’ll tell you she’s performed on street corners and living rooms, open mics and parking lots. She’ll tell you she just enjoys the opportunity to read her poetry, to listen to other people read theirs, to fellowship and mingle with people she might not otherwise meet.

All of this would be true.

She’s done a few big things.

Princess released her first album of poetry entitled Not A Storybook <3, an a cappella album filled with some of her earlier works. In 2013, she competed in her first national poetry competitions, including the Women of the World Poetry Slam and the National Poetry Slam Championships as a member of the 2013 Dallas Poetry Slam Team.

But big things don’t matter as much to her.

She’d rather talk about what she’s inspired by, which is mostly the love we give and show to each other. She describes her poetry as her life wrapped in metaphors. Her favorite poets are usually authors and friends, or authors she wishes could be friends, or friends who would be great authors.

Normally, she writes about life experiences and fleeting moments she doesn’t want to forget. There’s a good chance that, one day when she’s bored, she’ll write a poem about writing and then re-writing this bio, since it is incredibly hard to write about yourself.

Princess is working on several different projects for the future, including a mixtape and a short EP. You can read some of her poetry at, or check out released tracks on BandCamp and SoundCloud by searching soulfulpoetic.

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