Mariah Be, co-founder and principal photographer

Mariah Bottomly, would prefer to called only by her first name. Hence her founding Profile_bio picMariah Be Photography.

Originally from Santa Fe NM, Mariah lived a good portion of her life in San DIego, California. She then re-located to Albuquerque, NM to find that she didn’t really get along with the desert and her ways, so she decided to put some roots down in Denver Colorado.Mariah has been residing there with her two beautiful daughters for about 3 years now…

Mariah generally photographs poets and performance artists but also likes to capture nature and the earths essences. She is dabbling in portrait photography with an emphasis on fine art photography. Mariah was the principal videographer for the Taos Verse/Converse Poetry festival 2010 and had been seen photographing for the Women of the World Poetry Slam that was hosted in Denver March 2012.

Mariah is also the co-founder and principal photographer for La Palabra: The Word is a Woman which was founded by her soul sister, Jessica Helen Lopez. Mariah continues to further her photography knowledge by getting her degree in film and digital photography at Red Rocks College in Denver.

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