Gina Marselle

GinaGina Marselle, M.A.Ed, is a New Mexico teacher, poet and photographer. She is also a single mom raising a beautiful and bright daughter who loves dancing, reading, and hopes to become a doctor. Gina is a high school English teacher who sponsors her school’s poetry club. She has been awarded two grants to work with local poets in her classroom.

In addition, she has published poetic work online with The Sunday Poem series, in theAlibi, the Rag, SIC3, Adobe Walls (an anthology of New Mexico poetry), and in the Fix and Free Poetry Anthology.  Gina reads her poetry at local coffee shops and art galleries, and has been a featured poet at the Church of Beethoven (now known as Sunday Chatter). She has one chapbook available,‘Round Midnight. Furthermore, she has coordinated the yearly “Poetry in Place” event sponsored by The City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center. Currently, she is honored to be part of the collective La Palabra: The Word is a Woman.

As well, Gina is a 35 mm film photographer who has documented such events as The Slam Poet Laureate Program, the Prophetess benefit, Tourette’s Without Regrets ABQ, and the nationally ranked 2010 Albuquerque Poetry Slam team. Additionally, her photos of New Mexico poets were featured in the Santa Fe magazineTrend in March of 2011. She also photographed the cover of Jessica Helen Lopez’ poetry book, Always Messing With Then Boys (West End Press, 2011). Gina’s photography has been seen in a number of galleries locally, most recently at Chroma Studios (May 2012). To view more of her work, please visit her flickr account

Internet radio show from 3/20/2011 about her poetry and work… hear some of her poems too:

To inquire more about Gina’s work please email her

*photo provided by writer

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