Cunt.Bomb. by Jessica Helen Lopez

CuntBomb Promo 1

La Palabra founder and facilitator, Jessica Helen Lopez, has two publications to her name. The first one is Always Messing with them Boys from West End Press. The second is Cunt. Bomb. a chapbook proudly produced by Swimming with Elephants Publications.

Cunt. Bomb. is available at various on-line distributors, as well as local retailers in the Albuquerque area.

Support your local, independent books store, by purchasing from Bookworks Albuquerque.

To order from amazon:  Cunt.Bomb.

A little from the foreword:
“These precious jewels of epiphany continue to guide me as I uncover for myself women, gender-identified women and allies who advocate for equality, who fight against the oppression and pillage against women and of course who dive whole-heartedly into the vastness and mysterious complexity of unbridled sexuality. Yes, I love the cunt. Yes, I have one. And yes, I will continue to use the word because it is not disparaging but rather has been wrangled into submission for hundreds of years; only to be used against women and girls as a tool for abuse and means of brutal capitulation. For those who recoil at the thought of the title of this humble chapbook, I invite you to sit and listen/read for a bit. The poems included are but a small journey stitched together to create my life as a mother, daughter, sister, poet, and woman of color. Woman. Cunt.”


Learn more about Cunt.Bomb. and read reviews on the Swimming with Elephants Publications wordpress site.

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