Nicolasa Gonzalez-Ruiz “My Friend”

My Friend

Nicolasa Gonzalez-Ruiz

If I could see you I would say I was mesmerized
by your entrance and dedicated to your self control
Comfortably conscious of your every move, our eyes locked
the anticipation of trying to get acquainted embraced my every motive
to make you mine
or at least to spend some time with your handsome face
and intellectual smile

To tell you the truth
my instinct tightens around your intelligence

If I could see you I would say staggering
I need more of you
more personal one on one with the one they call Muhammad
As we became familiar with one another
and personal knowledge derived from our anticipation and interaction
moved affectionately for one another
I adored you grateful of your presents your presence inside
emotionalized needing you more and more

If I could see you I would say the night you performed
in the park without apparent effort
with the light and the moon staring back at me
lost in my own fantasy as you sung to me
That night, love ascendance through nightfall
a sensation my soul perceived by the act of friendship
learning after all these years we are composed
in mind and manner by fate forever

If I could see you I would say from the intensity of our elaborate relation
whether in tune with the seasons
destiny always executed with our hearts at interest and in detail
validating throughout time secured in harmony with each other
predetermined forever and ever

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