Creative Contributions

Marlo 2 MBP.jpgLa Palabra: The Word is a Women is a female writer’s collective that celebrates and empowers femininity through creative endeavors.

One of our goals is to give a public forum for writers and artists who are interested in expressing themselves.

Please view our various archives to see what some of our Palabracitas have been creating. We are sure you will find something that speaks, that moves, or that inspires you.


Jess 1 MBP.jpg

As an active collective, we are always interested in adding new voices and forms of expression to the compilation on our blogsite.

La Palabra: The Word is a Woman encourages the celebration and empowerment of women through creative endeavors, specifically writing and visual art, but we are open to all interpretations of the feminine.

If you are a writer, a poet, a performer, a photographer, or artist who has work reflecting women’s issues, strengths, and struggles, please consider contributing your creations to be shared on our site. See Submission Guidelines to learn how to submit.



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