Mothers Daughters CoverMothers & Daughters
A La Palabra: The Word is a Woman Anthology

Compiled and Edited
by Jessica Helen LopezKatrina K Guarascio
Photography by Mariah Bottomly
Available at Amazon and CreateSpace for $14.95.
Available at Bookworks ABQ  and Cafe Bella Coffee for $10.00

Mothers & Daughters is the second book published as an anthology produced by La Palabra – The Word is a Woman. It is a collection of poetry and some non-fiction prose. Similar to our first self-titled book, it is an effort of workshop participants (in conjunction with the annual Women & Creativity month-long series), as well as a call for national submissions. In this collection you will surely find stories like your own, and some not at all. By way of black and white photography, you will be invited into the home and hearth of women, the familial ties that bind mothers to their daughters and vice versa. It is an intergenerational journey of unconditional love, compassion, faith and sometimes loss, heartbreak and even disappointment. Here are poems and stories of humor, exasperation, healing, and protectiveness. Here are stories about you and yours. La Palabra is a humble collective, a steady heartbeat, a clanging gong. Our publications are modest, but steeped with fierce pride and joy in the Word. An everlasting fidelity in the name of Woman.


Cunt. Bomb.

A Chapbook by Jessica Helen Lopez
Available at Amazon and CreateSpace for $10.95.
Available at Bookworks ABQ and Cafe Bella Coffee for $10.00

A little from the foreword:

These precious jewels of epiphany continue to guide me as I uncover for myself women, gender-identified women and allies who advocate for equality, who fight against the oppression and pillage against women and of course who dive whole-heartedly into the vastness and mysterious complexity of unbridled sexuality. Yes, I love the cunt. Yes, I have one. And yes, I will continue to use the word because it is not disparaging but rather has been wrangled into submission for hundreds of years; only to be used against women and girls as a tool for abuse and means of brutal capitulation. For those who recoil at the thought of the title of this humble chapbook, I invite you to sit and listen/read for a bit. The poems included are but a small journey stitched together to create my life as a mother, daughter, sister, poet, and woman of color. Woman. Cunt.

Sparrow Cover

The Fall of a Sparrow

Poetry by Katrina K Guarascio
Available at Amazon and CreateSpace for $12.95.
Available at Bookworks ABQ and Cafe Bella Coffee for $10.00

About the collection:

Here is a collection of poetic wonderment, musings on the ineffable universal experience of beauty as it is. Real, at times veiled by the uncertain consequence of letting go or giving in, yet always an experience on the lip of the chasm, preparing for wild success or the wailing dismay of failure. Guarascio’s poems are filled with beautiful creatures, metaphoric animals crawling amongst the words, haunting the reader with their subtle, but necessary presence. In these poems are love, loss, resignation, breathlessness, intimacy and touch; the edge of the blade pressing against the plump flesh of the fruit or the slight swell of hipbone under a lover’s hand.

Boys CoverAlways Messing with Them Boys

Poems by Jessica Helen Lopez
Available at Amazon for $13.95.
Available at Bookworks ABQ

About the Collection:

“Every generation a few select voices seem to rise up and represent a revolution in the mechanics and mission of poetry. This collection is an exotic, aphrodisiacal perfume wafting through the senses, thickly spiced by the dual nature of a poet whose culture and experience effortlessly blend concrete imagery with a quiet, fierce longing for a world that may only exist within memory–or verse.

Jessica Helen Lopez sings in these poems; they are signal flares drawn from those pivotal moments of living that evoke the feminine, the sensual and the surreal in equal measure. These are the songs of the bruja, the bread-heavy hands of a mother, the beautiful indignation of a hopeless optimist.”–Zachary Kluckman


La Palabra: The Word is a Woman Anthology 2013

Compiled, Edited, and Photography by Mariah Bottomly
Available at Lulu for $20.00.
Palabra Cover

A womban’s collective, La Palabra’s first published anthology used images in an ekphrastic workshop to create a “body” of a poem. La Palabra encourages a female centered environment in order to create a safe atmosphere for inspiration.

Purchase the first collection from La Palabra: The Word is a Woman today by clicking on this link.


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